Beneficios SEMANALES del 2-4%

Invest with Arbistar 2.0, a financial software development company that offers several BOTS that are dedicated to investing money efficiently.


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pagos semanales

Weekly they make payments to your cryptocurrency wallet.


The operation is 100% monitorizable, transparent and public on its platform.

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With more than 100,000 satisfied customers. 

How does arbitration work?

In this video you will be able to discover the complete operation of Arbistar 2.0 and thus begin to generate daily income automatically.

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Community bot

Generates 15-20% monthly

– 100% Automatic
- Contributions in Bitcoin
– Rendimientos en Bitcoin
- Closeouts on Saturdays 70% / 30%
- The Bot never loses

About the company

The truth is that in this world of cryptocurrency scams occur, losing the investor's denigration, but this case is different for obvious reasons, the company is registered en la zona ZEC de Tenerife y tienen oficinas en el Sur de Tenerife, se conoce a todos los trabajadores y responsables, la rentabilidad está dentro de los cánones normales del arbitraje.

Arbistar started in September 2018, but in January 2019 it achieved an evolution of the initial project. Its philosophy is based on creating technological solutions with built-in freedom.

Estas son sus oficinas:
ARBISTAR 2.0 SL  (Perteneciente a la ZEC)
CIF B76799014
Avenida Antonio Domínguez, núm. 5. (Edificio Zentral Center), piso 5, oficina 7.
Playa de las Américas, Arona. S/C de Tenerife. CP 38650


Arbistar Team

100% Spanish company


Every Wednesday at 20:00 (Spain Time) the company makes a conference in which it explains all the news that they have throughout the week. They also explain some doubts that are not put in the tutorials. Anyone can enter, whether they are Arbistar 2.0 members or invited to the conference. 


It is a recharge card, where you can change your bitcoins to Euros or Dollars. The card does not have an integrated bitcoin wallet so you can load it by changing your bitcoins to euros or dollars from any external bitcoin wallet.  Funciona en más de 174 países. 

  • It has a cost of 50 euros / dollars one time. It can take between 15 and 30 days to reach your home.
  • Maximum load in Bitcoin of 50,000 euros / dollars per month
  • Up to 20,000 euros / dollars a day for purchases in stores
  • Up to 3,500 euros / dollars a day of cash withdrawals.

Ready to start? Here are the first steps ...

In order to register, you will need a Bitcoins wallet. Since your generated income will go to it from the first moment you generate it.

You can get your wallet by registering with Coinbase or Binance, where you can also buy the bitcoins you need to invest. You can exchange them for euros / dollars or transfer them to your bank account if it is what you want. Then you just have to follow the steps in the next video ...

Step 1

Sign up here  filling in all the data. Taking into account that the deposit is made in Bitcoins. For this you must have a BTC wallet (such as Binance)

Step 2

After registering, and confirming your e-mail, you will have to fill in all your information. 

Then click «Products» in the side menu

Step 3

Select the product you want, we recommend the Community BOT. Haz click en «Buy» e introduce la cantidad en BTC que quieras Entre 0,1 y 5 máximo

Step 4

Aparecerá un enlace para realizar el pago. Tiene que llegar la cantidad exacta que pongas. Una vez confirmado lo veras en «My finance»

If you are looking for a project to invest in, don't think twice

We recommend starting with Community BOT; the minimum contribution to the community of 0.1 BTC (To know how much that is, you must multiply 0.1 x the current price of Bitcoin that you will find for example in ) a 5 BTC.

 It should be added that the community bot, despite being very interesting, will soon be cut to new users, and it will not be possible to reinvest or provide more capital for those of us who already are, which means that if at the time of that happens, we have invested € 10,000, from that moment sólo podremos cobrar rendimientos cada semana, sin poder aportar más ni reinvertir, sólo cobrar todas las semanas, así que los que lo tenemos estamos inyectando cada vez más capital para que llegado ese momento, nuestros beneficios semanales sean lo más altos posible.

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Test #PersonalBotpro#Arbistar 2.0

Test #PersonalBotpro#Arbistar 2.0, los usuarios ya están recibiendo el Personal Bot Pro de Arbistar 2.0 para su test de forma gratuita.RESERVALO YA! Habrán unidades limitadas. No te quedes sin el…
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Novedades #Arbistar de esta semana: Ya tenemos las primeras #ArbiCoin, #PersonalBotPro .. ultimando días de Test, #iforexrobot empresa fabricante de software de #ArbiCorp, Tiendas #ArbiStore